Friday, February 17, 2012

Introducing Miss Bella

Bella has been in CHR's care since February, 2011.  Bella's story is that she was a much loved riding and show horse for her owner, the favorite of the dozens Miss Janet owned.  Miss Janet developed Alzheimers, and unfortunately it progressed to the point that she needed to be placed in an assisted living facility.  Miss Janet's horses were placed into new homes, but the home that Bella was in had another mare that took an instant dislike to Bella.  The mare never got over it, and never allowed Bella into the herd.  So it was decided that Bella needed to find another home where she would be accepted and allowed to live in peace.

Bella came to live with my herd of 4 in February, 2011.  Bella is a very sweet, older mare. She is palomino sabino, and gaited, I think she is a Curly Foxtrotter.  She came with a long curly split mane and huge thick heavy curly tail.  She has 4 white high stockings and a big bald face with unique black spots on the corners of her mouth on both sides.  Bella ADORES attention.  She will stand forever to be loved on, and is not shy about showing you exactly where she would like to be rubbed. 

We affectionately call Bella "Barbie" at times. She is a beautiful blonde that is a little ditzy at times ;-) 

It appears that Bella had an injury to her neck at some point in her life. There is a rumor that she had EPM at some point but was "cured" and allowed to carry a rider no larger than around 100 pounds.  After seeing her neck, it is clear that she either ran into something or fell and created a subluxation in her neck that was never identified or corrected.  It is likely calcified, and it is my assumption that this impingment on her nerve system is what caused the symptoms that were called EPM, and likely why she still will trip a bit from time to time.  She doesn't appear to be in any discomfort, but she is recommended for a companion home for another gentle horse or horses.  She gets along just fine in my herd, who live outside 24/7 and are a group of relatively happy, fair-minded mares.  None are aggressive, but there is definately a heirarchy.  Bella is at the bottom of the list, and if she follows the rules, she is treated with respect.

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  1. I simply love her Michelle. She is VERY sweet!