Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sam meets the bigger herd and Cinder is leaving Woody

On Monday I took CinderElla away from Woody and put her in the arena which is across Woody’s pen. I let her with my quarter mare Lady and took Mallie my curly mare in foal out because I did not wanted to take a risk with her. She was a little further away but still could see her girl Lady, she was fine. Lady can be a real bitch so I was a little scared…..No need her and Cinder sniffed, screamed and that was it.

Woody in the mean time was introduced with my big gelding Spirit. Spirit has a tendency to have a calming effect on nervous horses. However the more dominant the horse the better he gets along with it. (Like Freedom his best friend). I had high hopes….Unfortunately it did not work at all. They totally ignored each other had no connection at all. And it was worse when I came into the pen. Spirit did not allow me seeking contact for Woody, and Woody was not even allowed to look at me LOL. He would immediately stand between me and Woody ( I filmed it)
Conclusion girls did well, boys need plan B.
I was planning on putting Freedom with Woody as the next step, but when I walked into the field Lydiker came to me. I was like hmm maybe this is a better match. So I introduced Lydiker. Guess what Lydiker found himself a new play buddy. He started teasing him biting him in the legs and poor Woody did not know what to do with this snotty boy.
Bingo, good match because not once did he looked for CinderElla.

Today it was introduction time in the big herd of geldings for Sam since I needed that field for the mares. It is almost a dry lot and Mallie needs to go in there because she has to stay off the fescue.
Spirit in these situations is the “Alfa” gelding, he is my big horse from the Netherlands. He charged a couple of times at him but he never kicks or bites. It always looks very dangerous but it is like dogs. Lots of action no blood LOL. It went very well because now we had a group of 4 entering a group of 6. It was hilarious Moose was showing of his new friend Sam. They were running tails up like crazy.
The two seniors already found the hay. Wicket our miniature horse went over to camp Sam and 5 min later Huckleberry 3 year old quarter went over to camp Sam. I filmed it all.

Then all 3 girls together since Cinder and Lady did so well together. But as soon as Mallie came in it was Lady and Mallie against Cinder. But the field is big enough so they don’t bother each other. They will come around.

Also a big thing. Woody ate out of my hand today yeahhhh.

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  1. Great work, Marion! I LOVE watching herd interaction! I think it is fascinating to see what they do, and don't do! Thanks for the update!